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By Wendy Nicklin, ISQua President Monday. Mar 23, 2020

Together we are stronger - Statement from ISQua's President Featured

Dear Colleagues


During this unprecedented time ISQua remains here for you and continues to share our work and help improve your knowledge and expertise in whatever way we can. To assist you with the latest KNOWLEDGE, we have developed a dedicated COVID-19 Resource Page with information and links. This will be regularly updated.  It also is a place to NETWORK with others and give yourself a VOICE to share what you have learnt so that others can also learn. Please send your stories and resources to Sinead at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


We are continuing with all of our other activities, such as knowledge management (e.g. webinars and the Fellowship Programme); networks - enabling dialogue, which is so important at this time of social distancing; and external evaluation - updates are available on the ISQua External Evaluation page.  We continue to liaise with our external partners such as WHO and will keep you informed on any initiatives in that regard.


ISQua has an amazing team in Dublin that continues to keep programmes on schedule, now working virtually from home.  Our team is strong, and we are proud of their work and contribution to the realization of our mission and vision.


In this unprecedented time, a time when social distancing may lead to feelings of isolation, it is even more important to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family virtually.  In fact, rather than the usual reliance on email, pick up the telephone or skype.  Real conversation with someone will be even more effective and ease stress at the same time.  We are all experiencing this reality.  No one is spared.  Thus, we all truly understand.


We welcome any suggestions you may have for other ways in which ISQua might assist or support you in your endeavours.  Please reach out to us at any time.  


In the meantime, the Board, Peter, and the team, are continuing to ensure ISQua makes a difference, in your professional life and in contributing to the quality of health and care globally - which is even more important today then yesterday.


Thank you for being on our team, wherever you are located.  Together we are stronger and more effective.


Good health.... and take care, Wendy


Wendy Nicklin

ISQua President


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