ISQua Board Elections

2019 - 2022

Under the terms of ISQua’s Memorandum and Articles of Association a Board election is to be held in 2019.  

Members are eligible to propose a nomination, nominate and vote in the Board elections.  Further information on the Board elections can be found below.  

Election Timeline

Election Timeline

18 Jun 2019

ISQua Member Renewal Date

In order to nominate, be nominated, or vote in the 2019 Board Elections you, or your organisation, must be a fully paid-up member of ISQua as of 18th June 2019. 

If your Membership expires after 18th June 2019, Membership must be renewed before voting opens on 26th July 2019 in order to be included on the voting roll. 

18 Jun 2019

19 Jun 2019

Call for Nominations

The Call for Nominations will begin on 19th June 2019. All eligible Members will receive an email with access details for our online nomination system.

18 Jul 2019

Close of Nominations

18 Jul 2019

29 Jul 2019

Voting Opens

Voting opens with members being notified via email

22 Aug 2019

Voting Closes

22 Aug 2019

21 Oct 2019


The new Board members commence their term of office

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ISQua Board Election FAQ's

Who is eligible to be nominated to stand in the ISQua Board elections?

Any person who is an Individual or Institutional Member in good standing as of 18th June 2019. 

Who is eligible to vote in the ISQua Board election?
When will the call for Nominations go out?
When will the call for Nominations close?
When will the election occur?
What is the role of the elected Board Members of ISQua?
What is the term of office for Board Members?
How many vacancies are open in the 2019 Board election?
How do I submit a nomination to stand in the Board elections?
How do I vote?
What information will be included on the ballot form, that goes to Members for voting?
What is the closing date for voting?
What if I do not receive an email with the link to the ballot?
How are votes tallied?
Why is a unique identifier needed? How does ERS protect voter anonymity?
Why is ISQua using a third-party election services provider to conduct the election criteria?
How does ERS protect my data?
If I make a mistake while voting online, can I change it?
What devices be used to access the voting website?
Who should I contact to change my email address, of if i've any further questions?

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