Board Honorary Advisor on
Person Centred Care

ISQua aims to place people who receive care at the centre of its decision making.


We are currently seeking a Board Honorary Advisor on Person Centred Care.


 The applicant will have experienced care in the healthcare system (as a patient, family member or caregiver) and will be an active member of a patient organisation or an organisation that works to improve person centred care.


The purpose of the role is to bring the voice of the patient to the deliberations of the ISQua Board and to ensure the Board is person-centred in its decision making.


This is a two year appointment.


The closing date for applications is 31st July 2020.

Key Requirements

We asked our current Honorary Advisor, Sara Yaron, what she felt were the key requirements for the role: 


One should be familiar with health care system(s) at the transverse level and an active advocate on patient issues.


One should have rich experience as a member/leader in a patient organisation, with a good understanding of patient needs and difficulties, experience of standing in front of and struggling with medical authorities, including the ability to lead a group of patients in the organisation.


One needs to have a patient/person-centered orientation, values and culture, with a strong belief that patients are an integral part of any discussion/decision related to them, and that any health care system is committed to them.


The Honorary Advisor should have the capabilities of taking initiative and being confident to create activities that represent patient interests, in a limited term of office.


One requires good communication skills, to be proficient in English, respect, compassion, honesty, transparency, and confidentiality as needed.

Download the full role description here


If you wish to discuss the post in more detail please contact Simon Donohoe to arrange a call with Peter Lachman.

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