ISQua Specialist Certificate

Fundamentals of External
Evaluation Surveying

Fundamentals of External Evaluation Surveying

About the course
This course provides a critical insight into numerous assessment methodologies, approaches and techniques that constitute the various stages of the surveying process.

Who is it for
This is an essential starting point for individuals seeking to launch their career as a surveyor, existing surveyors who wish to develop and broaden their knowledge from an international perspective, and "in-house" experts or project managers who are responsible for assisting their organisation through the accreditation process.

Please be advised that completion of this course does not qualify an individual to work as an ISQua surveyor nor does it qualify an individual to work as a surveyor with an external evaluation organisation. Individuals interested in becoming a surveyor should contact an external evaluation organisation directly to learn about the requirements to become a surveyor with their programme.

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Course Content

Introduction to Surveying
Topic Synopsis Presenter
Introduction to Surveying This session will provide a brief introduction to surveying. Wendy Nicklin, ISQua President, former President and CEO, Accreditation Canada
Accreditation: A Powerful Knowledge Translation and Quality Improvement Lever
Principles of Auditing
Fundamentals of Surveying
Assessment Methodologies
Using the Tracer Methodology in Health Care Quality Evaluation
Surveyor Basic Competencies and Performance Expectations
The Basic Principles of Developing Standards
Designing and writing standards for maximum impact on quality and patient safety
Different types of assessment
Risk Assessment/Rating Scales. Guidelines and Standards for External Evaluation Organisations
Accreditation survey reliability: Techniques to achieving a credible survey outcome
Key challenges associated with external surveying: assessing evidence, discussing variances, managing emotions and resolving differences
Guidance in Designing Healthcare External Evaluation Programmes
Cultural Sensitivity Challenges
Survey Report Writing: An introduction
Assignment: Mini-audit
Achieving Accreditation: Categories of award and the requirements and follow-up process associated with each
Preparing for the survey (Key things the organisation must do in anticipation of the survey)


Enhance your knowledge by studying an area of your interest in depth

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of internationally recognised experts

Obtain information on your subject from a global perspective

Learn and apply best practice to your own work environment

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