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Recorded Webinars

Click on a title to watch a previously recorded webinar. Previously recorded webinars are available for Windows and Mac based computers and do not require any prior download of special software. In addition, you can click on any of the available Webinar Notes links to download our supplemental information.

For all ISQua Fellowship Participants, if you wish to watch a recording and complete the Fellowship Questions, please log into FELIX to do so.

Electronic Health Records and Diagnostic Errors: From Challenges to Opportunities 

Presenter: Hardeep Singh, MD MPH, Chief, Health Policy, Quality and Informatics Program, Houston Veterans Affairs Health Services Research Center of Innovation, and Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine

Date:  18 January 2017

Track 3: Patient Safety

Managing conflicts between safety and other priorities 

Charles Vincent, M Phil PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Oxford, and Lead for Patient Safety, Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Rene Amalberti, Professor of Medicine, Senior Advisor Patient Safety HAS (High Authority of Health, France, Accreditation agency), and Volunteer Director of the Public Fondation FONCSI (Foundation for a Safety Culture in Industry)
Date:  11 January 2017

Track 3: Patient Safety

A systematic review of the application of the Global Trigger Tool (GTT)

Peter Hibbert, Program Manager, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University

Date:  4 January 2017

Track 3:  Patient Safety